2022 brings the celebration of

30 years in theatre

Over those years Jamie has appeared in Musicals, Plays, Variety shows, Pantomimes and Revues.

And has performed in nearly every theatre across the country from

Inverness to Truro

Having appeared in musical theatre from a early age. His high baritone vocals lend themselves to some of the great musical songs of all time as well as contemporary and standards.

Which has led him to being cast in various tours, summer seasons and residencies.

Jamie is also a strong all round actor and delivered many roles from comedic and farce to more moving roles. He was cast as the leading man in three plays that were performed at the Sevenoaks festival. And you will often find him delivering hilarious comedy roles in musicals and variety.

Pinnochio (The greatest wonder of the age)

The Crown

Pirate Rock

Circus Spectacular

Magic of the Musicals

Bless Em All

Forever in Blue Jeans (Jump and Jive)

David Essex Gala Ball


Jack and the Beanstalk the Musical

Beeping Slooty

We'll Meet Again

The Psychiatrist

The Good Old Days

Magic of Eurovision

Forever in Blue Jeans (Those were the days)

Summer Spectacular

Memories and Melodies

Dixieland Minstrel Show

Shall We Dance

Beauty and the Beast

A Night at the Musicals

Juke Box and Bobby Sox

Rock Through the Ages

We'll Meet Again (Diamond Jubilee)

Friday Night is Variety Night

Variety Express


Rock Around the Clock

The Sun Has Got He's Hat On


Holiday Fiesta

Mother Goose the Musical

A Night of Horrors

Eastern Experience

Old Time Music Hall

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