Snow White 2016-17

Combined with his vivacious, OTT and oh-so-confident side kick, Nurse Dolly Cough-Drop (played by Jamie Steen), this duo were hands down our two favourite characters from the show .Ms. Dolly’s outfits were another highlight – this larger-than-life character had the most hilarious and creative costumes I have come across with some of our favourites being the picnic dress, the fairy liquid bottle ooh and Princess Leia !!

With a selection of the most amazing costumes (a new one for every entrance), Jamie Steen is one of the best panto dames on the circuit. His jokes are topical and not too corny and his interaction with both adults and children is brilliant. Together with Rickers, their “12 Days of Christmas” routine is one of the, many, highlights of the show

Jack and the Beanstalk 2016 

Dame Trott had us crying with laughter and my husband loved being he's/her's boyfriend for the night

Snow White 2015-16

Nursie, played by the fabulous Jamie Steen, he was the perfect fit of character that every Dame should be, bringing a burst of energy onto the stage alongside his fantastic and

creative costumes that seemed to bring an endless array of quick changes right until curtain call

Talking of costumes, I have to take my rather run-of-the-mill hat off to whoever came up with Nurse’s daft outfits – they ranged from licorice allsorts to a bottle of Fairy liquid, but my own favourites were her sandcastle outfit (complete with Blackpool Tower headdress) and the inspired McDonalds ensemble

Snow White 2014-15

Notable performances came from Jamie Steen as Nurse Dolly who never failed to raise a laugh, . On the opening night he was the single stand out performer

Steen’s first few moments on stage were a little strong, but within minutes we were eating out of the palm of his hand and eagerly awaiting the next costume change – whoever made those dresses deserves an Academy Award for services to polyester and pastel

 Jamie Steen is jaw dropping as dame Nurse Dolly

Bless Em All

Steen shows great vocals in he's solos. Especially with he's rendition of "My Mothers Eyes"

Sleeping Beauty 2013

Padded out neatly with comedy business from Jamie Steen’s colourful Nurse Katy Cough-Drop

parading in a range of imaginative frocks

A dame on a mission to entertain the audience

Surely one of the best dames in the business

We'll Meet Again 2013

Jamie Steen pays tribute to the late Max Bygraves and has the audience singing along

enthusiastically to his medley of forties favourites

Cinderella 2012 Telford

The Uglies (Mark Two and Jamie Steen) were quite correctly wickedly anarchic - tangle with

these two and you risk annihalation. At various gorgeous moments the plot was less important than

what these masterful performers were doing or saying 

Boos rang out whenever they appeared on stage – and it was clear to see where a lot of the budget

had gone on this show as they came out showcasing a host of weird and wonderful outfits

We'll Meet Again 2012

Jamie Steen croons effortlessly through the numbers of Bing Crosby, Donald Peers and

Frankie Vaughan

Forever in Blue Jeans (Those were the days)

Steen a ‘all round’ entertainer whose facial expressions had the audience members rolling in the aisles during the ‘Abba’ numbers

outstanding, especially during he's solos

Cinderella 2011 Epsom

But it has to be said that Mark Two and Jamie Steen as Ravishing Rita and Wicked Wanda are special

 The Ugly Sisters – Mark Two and Jamie Steen carry the show’s comic content and keep the

audience spellbound with their increasingly bizarre costumes.

The show was stolen and in spectacular

fashion – by pantomime stalwarts MarkTwo and Jamie Steen as the ugly sisters

Forever in Blue Jeans

Highlights of the evening included ‘Come Outside’ performed by Rachel Cantrill and Jamie Steen

Cinderella 2010 Weston Super-Mare

 The awards for best ad-libbing and pure comic genius must go to

the ugly sisters played by Mark Two and Jamie Steen

The cast however, found themselves upstaged by Mark Two and

Jamie Steen, two of the most outrageously dressed and played Ugly

Sisters you are likley to come across

With some fantastic humour from hilarious ugly step-sisters Wanda and Rita

Magic of Eurovision

Jamie Steen as Harry Hogan keeps the audience laughing with great comedy and also showing great vocal talents

Cinderella 2009 Derby

Mark Two and Jamie Steen are rough as rough and live up to the billing as the

ugliest pair on the planet

two dames on a mission to outdo each other in frocks and frippery

Mark two and Jamie steen make a malevolent pair of sisters as you could want

One could not mention this panto without reference to the ugly sisters, played by Mark two

and Jamie steen, who were hilarious.

Summer Spectacular 2008

this tuneful quartet - comprising of jamie steen look both well-drilled and thoughtfully directed

Cinderella 2008 Aylesbury

The undoubted stars have to be ugly sisters Rita and Wanda,Played by Mark Two and Jamie Steen.

Walking the fine line between amusing the audience and coming across as a believable

threat to cinderella's happiness, they hold the entire show together and display an admirable

ability to cope with the most ludicrous wardrobes.Showing an unusual ugliness of character as

well as complexion, the scene in which they force Cinderella to tear up her own invitation

to the ball,would not feel out of place in a straight piece of theatre

The Ugly Sisters Brought moments of madness and mayhem

to the stage appearing in different costumes in every scene

Cinderella 2007 Redhill

It's Mark Two and Jamie Steen's first coupling as the ugly

sisters,but it wont be their last-they work brilliantly together

and their costumes are awesome

Mark Two and Jamie Steen as the Ugly Sisters,surely one of

the best partnerships in the business

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